Subwoofer Info: Learn About Car Audio Subwoofers

Subwoofers. The bass. The loudness. The glory. Essentially the most obnoxious element in your system, and likewise, one of the needed.

In the event you’ve learn my article about audio system, you are on top of things. If you have not (and do not know something about audio system or subwoofers), learn it right here.

Subwoofers reproduce the bottom frequencies of the audio spectrum, AKA bass. They’re important to each SQ and SPL techniques, however for various causes. Let’s have a look now…

For SQ techniques: Successfully reproduce the bottom frequencies making the music sound full and highly effective. Devices that play decrease frequencies resembling organs, drums and synthesizers will sound extra sensible and highly effective with a subwoofer put in. You can find more at best10tobuy

For SPL techniques: As a result of subwoofers are loud, they’re the popular speaker to make a complete lotta noise.

Additionally, as a result of our ears are much less delicate to decrease frequencies we’d like the additional bass for the system to sound balanced.

So, what do I’ve to search for to search out an awesome woofer? I will inform you!

Energy Dealing with:

Similar to with each different half in a stereo system, energy dealing with is vital for subwoofers as effectively. Earlier, in my article about audio system, I talked about how one can ship extra energy to them to extend their quantity, however lower the distortion. The identical is true of subwoofers, however watch out! Since decrease frequency distortion is tougher to understand, it is easy to overdo it, and blow your subwoofers. Anyway, with that mentioned, it’s sensible to purchase an amp that may put out precisely what your subwoofers are designed to take, however take it straightforward!


Subwoofers are available in many sizes, however the commonest are 8″, 10″, 12″, and 15″. That is most likely additionally famous in metric for the ecu manufacturers. As you’ll be able to think about, the larger woofers are those that can play louder and play decrease. After all, the smaller ones are extra musical, extra exact, and sound “tighter”. What dimension you resolve on normally has to do with your personal preferences, in addition to set up concerns. Keep in mind! 18″ subwoofers do not simply match anyplace!

Voice coil information:

SVC: Single voice coil

Which means that the speaker has just one voice coil. In different phrases, just one enter.

DVC: Twin voice coil

Which means that the speaker has two voice coils, or two inputs.

Ummmmmmm, okay. Why does it matter?

I might go into particulars right here, however I do know you do not actually care. Principally, it boils right down to this: With a DVC subwoofer, there are extra set up choices. Take a look at it this manner, a DVC “appears to be like” like two subwoofers to your amplifier. With some nifty wiring methods (known as collection and parallel), you’ll be able to hook up many subwoofers to a single amp–even if the amp is a “mono” or a two channel amp. As well as, you’ll be able to manipulate what number of ohms the amp has to push. When you’ve got an amp that’s steady to a half ohm (like some old style Orion HCCA amps), you can probably hook up 4-Eight woofers to a single channel! Think about the noise you can make!

Some phrases about bins:

Packing containers are important to most subwoofers. In different phrases, think about a subwoofer’s field simply as vital because the subwoofer itself. Why? As a result of most subwoofers want a field to function correctly, sound good, and never injury themselves. Subwoofers that do not want a field are known as “free air” or “infinite baffle” subwoofers.

Like I mentioned, most subwoofers want a field. So, let’s discuss bins!

First, what sorts of bins are there?

Sealed: The only sort. Basically, a sealed field is a field the place the within and outdoors are usually not linked. There are not any holes, and care is taken to make sure that the field is totally sealed.

Ported: A ported field is a subwoofer field with no less than one gap, or “port” in it. The aim of the ported field is to emphasise a sure frequency. These bins are used as a result of they’re typically louder than sealed bins.

Bandpass: A bandpass field is just like a ported field as a result of it has ports; nonetheless, the bandpass field tries to de-emphasize sure frequencies, whereas emphasizing others. In different phrases, it really works like a bandpass crossover. The bandpass field emphasizes a frequency band whereas de-emphasizing frequencies decrease than and better than the band.

Isobarik: These bins intention to suit multiple subwoofer right into a small field. The subwoofers are set as much as work in tandem. Generally each subs transfer in the identical path on the identical time, typically one sub pulls whereas the opposite pushes. There are benefits to such a setup, however field design is tough.

OK, so now you understand all the pieces about SUBZ, however listed here are the specs that you will have to know to decide on your subwoofer:

Energy Dealing with: Subs are audio system, and as such can solely deal with a lot energy (or distortion) earlier than they blow! Energy dealing with is measured in watts, and is commonly given in two specs: RMS and Max (or peak). The RMS ranking is crucial. If a sub says it may possibly deal with 200 watts RMS and 400 watts Max, ensure the amp will present 200 watts RMS as effectively. Not 400 watts RMS. Whereas it is true that the sub can deal with 400 watts, it may possibly solely deal with that type of energy for a short while. In the event you hook that sub as much as an amp that places out 400 watts RMS, you’ll break that speaker fairly quickly–because it’s consistently being uncovered to 400 watts, not quick bursts of 400 watts. You dig? Good.

Sensitivity: This time period means precisely what you suppose it means. Briefly, a subwoofer with increased sensitivty shall be louder than a subwoofer with decrease sensitivty when they’re hooked as much as the identical amp. The spec is measured in db.

Frequency response: You clearly desire a subwoofer than can deal with a variety of frequencies. Nevertheless, the subwoofer does probably the most work beneath 100hz. If the subwoofer performs all the best way right down to 20hz, you understand you’ve got bought an awesome sub. The excellent news is that even when it does not go that low, most music does not both. Sooooo, you will nonetheless be fantastic. I might say the it is extra vital to have a low-playing sub in techniques with DVD gamers and 5.1 sound. Additionally, frequency response varies relying on the field that the subwoofer is put in in. Ummmm, so with this in thoughts, simply decide a subwoofer that can deal with the ability, and sound the way you need it to.

Cone Materials: On the subject of subwoofers, that is really a reasonably vital factor to concentrate to. As a result of subwoofers are huge and highly effective, you want a cone materials that may face up to heaps and plenty of abuse. I personally am an enormous fan of metals resembling alluminum. It’s because aluminum is gentle and stiff, and likewise, produces very tight and musical sounding bass. I do know that many subwoofer producers use unique sounding supplies for his or her subwoofers, which makes it tough to find out which materials is one of the best.

Encompass materials: This is my recommendation: All the time get a subwoofer with a rubber encompass. Rubber holds up one of the best within the auto atmosphere.

Impedence: Measured in Ohms, this spec tells you the way a lot resistance the speaker presents to your amp. An excessive amount of, and also you get no quantity, too little, and your subwoofer will fry your amp! This spec will enable you to resolve which amp to hook as much as your subwoofer, whether or not you wish to bridge your amp, and whether or not you wish to wire a number of subs into parallel or collection. Additionally, subwoofers typically have multiple voice coil (aka DVC). Which means that the subwoofer could have two inputs, every with the identical impedance. Subwoofers with twin voice coils are extra versatile to put in, particularly in a number of woofer techniques.

A fundamental subwoofer set up is pretty straightforward. In the event you purchase a pre-fab sub field, mount the subs and energy them, you are going to get good bass. To put in professionally, and obtain one of the best sound, a lot planning and work should go into the entire course of. It is a scenario the place for those who do not feel assured in your capacity to construct a field, tune it, and hook it up, it’s best to go to a automobile audio store, and have them do it for you. This may be comparatively low cost, or fairly costly.