How to Sell Your Home during a Pandemic?

Believe it or not, your plans to sell your home yourself don’t need to be thrown away by the global pandemic. Even through business closures and social distancing guidelines, people are still buying and selling properties, and home sellers have all sorts of choices at their disposal to help them ready their home for sale and show it to prospective buyers without compromising the health of anyone involved. Even though the real estate brokerage firm of AK Premier Real Estate Services usually provides the full range of services for people who want to sell their home, they also understand there are those that just want to sell their home themselves, which is why they were gracious enough to give us some tips on what to do. Check out the following tips to ensure a smooth and straightforward selling if you’re trying to sell your home right now!

Staging Your Home

Whether you welcome buyers inside for tours or just post photos online, staging your home is critical. Home staging can highlight your home’s very best features while minimizing pitfalls that can prevent customers from imagining what it will be like to reside there.

You can even rent furniture and decorations to give it that friendly, lived-in feeling if you’ve already moved out of your house. By decluttering, depersonalizing, and renovating key areas of the house, you can easily do the staging yourself.

Make a Cleaning Plan

A significant part of preparing it for sale is cleaning your house. But it can be challenging to keep household clutter at bay when everyone in your family is home from work and school. Removing clutter is one way to keep your home show-ready. Packing up all of the toys, knickknacks, and loose papers of your children is a perfect way to avoid piling up messes and will make it easier for you to clean up instantly before each show.

It is also more necessary to clean your home thoroughly during the coronavirus, both before and after demonstrations, to avoid the spread of illness. Focus on high-touch areas like light switches, doorknobs, and countertops in your cleaning. Try making some at home if you can’t find cleaning supplies in the supermarkets!

Offering Virtual Showings

Stick to safer options if you don’t feel confident about welcoming strangers into your home during the pandemic. For instance, many home sellers offer video chat tours and 3D walkthroughs to give customers a virtual glimpse inside their homes. To get your home in front of customers, you should introduce these same tactics. You can best make your real estate videos yourself.

Create a High-Quality Online Listing

Be sure to double down on your online presence if you opt for virtual display options. Your listing of real estate is your only chance to catch house-hunters’ attention, so it has to be captivating. Take the time to write a real estate listing summary, in addition to sharing fantastic images, which will really capture the hearts of your potential buyers.

To highlight the best aspect of your home, experts suggest adding descriptive information, whether it’s luxurious features such as heated bathroom flooring or a view that would get you out of bed in the morning.

Final Thoughts

Selling your home during a pandemic could seem a little insane at first. But house hunters are still hunting for properties out there! You should have no trouble putting your home in front of prospective buyers with the right plans and some support from a few virtual resources.