Is Kitchen Remodeling Worth the Cost in Missouri? (Expert Advice)

Remodeling a home is both exciting and stressful. We know one of the main rooms that are typically remodeled by homeowners are kitchens because this can make a world of difference within your home. However, there are a lot of questions that can come with kitchen remodeling, including if it’s even worth the price to do. We’re going to go over some of the benefits of kitchen remodeling and overall go through if it’s worth it to do. If you’re considering kitchen remodeling in Missouri then you’re in the right place.

Is It Worth It To Remodel Your Kitchen?

The main question that you might be wondering about kitchen remodeling in Missouri is if it’s worth it to remodel your kitchen at all. Well, one way to figure out if it’s worth it is to consider the cost vs value of the kitchen remodel. For example, if you pay $70,000 for a kitchen remodel then you can expect to have a $40,000 return. This makes the ROI on a kitchen remodel of that size 58%.

This means that the return on your investment is very high and overall worth it. These numbers won’t be exact when it comes to your particular kitchen remodel because it all depends on how much you spend. The one important thing to keep in mind to ensure that home remodeling in Missouri is worth it is to consider the lifetime of materials used in the remodel. Using materials that last long will increase your ROI because the kitchen remodel itself will last longer.

What Home Improvements Add The Most Value 2022?

If you’re looking for the best home improvements to do to add value to your home then we’ve got the answer for you. The top two home improvements are kitchens and landscaping. More specifically when it comes to kitchens, it’s great to update kitchen appliances. Most of the cost that comes from kitchen renovation is with kitchen appliances that might be much more costly than others.

Kitchen remodeling is a huge task but focusing on the parts that will give you the best return is key. So when it comes to kitchen remodeling in Missouri you might want to stick to replacing appliances and then things such as cabinets or countertops to update the feel of the kitchen as well.

How Do I Remodel My Kitchen On A Budget?

Kitchen remodels can be quite expensive ranging from $20,000 to $50,000 on average. If you’re looking to stay on a budget while remodeling your kitchen and getting a great investment back then you have to pay close attention to the areas you focus on. There are a few key places in your kitchen that you should focus on if you want to stay on a budget, so let’s go through them.

Kitchen Appliances: Updating kitchen appliances can make a huge difference in the way your kitchen visually looks, but also if it makes a difference in how much value your home has.

Paint: Paint can make a huge difference. This could mean fresh paint on the walls or the cabinets to give them a huge refresh. This is a much cheaper alternative than replacing the entire cabinets.

Hardware: Hardware can make a huge difference as well and it can be extremely affordable when done correctly.

How Much Of Home Value Should Be Spent On Kitchen Remodel?

Kitchen remodeling can be expensive, but it is possible to stay within a budget. The budget that you set should be dependent on your home value, just so that as a homeowner you’re being smart with how much money is put into the home. The rule of thumb for this is that spending between 5% and 15% of your home value on kitchen remodeling in Missouri is best. So if your home is worth $300,000 then spending $15,000 to $45,000 should be what you spend. This is to ensure that the money being put into the home will be reciprocated in home value or sale value.

Kitchen Remodeling In Missouri

Overall, kitchen remodeling in Missouri is completely worth it, but staying within budget should be a priority. Kitchens are the main part of your home that will be benefited by being remodeled. They also bring a ton of home value if done correctly. It’s completely possible to do a kitchen remodel on a budget and this is important for making sure your cost vs value is in good standing as this is the main thing that determines if the remodel is worth it. Spending an excessive amount on a remodel might not necessarily be worth it if you won’t get an increased home value. If you’re looking to get kitchen remodeling in Missouri then be sure to contact a kitchen remodeling company to get all your work done professionally.

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