Plasterer to Fix A Hole in the Wall?

There is a hole in my wall and it is the size of a person. No one is owning up to how the hole in the plaster wall happened but with 3 teenage boys in the house. I have a fair idea of what happened, and the term “football tackle” was a plausible guess as to what of what went down in my hallway. The three of them were going to be responsible for getting this fixed.

Now I have fixed up smaller holes and cracks before with success but with this size hole, I was unsure if this was something I could tackle or should I get a plasterer in. I did have some plaster repair stuff – a small patch kit but I was pretty sure it would not be enough to fill in this monster-sized hole.

And I knew how hard it was to get a plaster wall repair looking perfect. Just the actual preparation would have taken me an entire day. This was a hallway wall and the damage was right in a spot where I could not cover it with a hall table or artwork.

If I could have a stuck a mirror over it – I would have! This was a trick we learned when share housing and that is why you see some oddly placed mirrors in rental homes -There is usually a hole in the wall behind that stuck on the mirror.

Luckily, I have a trusted tradesman who I can call upon and I did! I called my favorite plasterer – Brisbane Plaster Pro.

Over the phone the first three questions he asked was:

  • How big was the hole?
  • Was there any damage to the internal wooden battens?
  • Was the hole near a power point?

The hole was approx 50cm x 30cm and no damage to the wall battens. The reason why I trust my plasterer is that he is straight up. Yes, he could fix it and it would not before another 2 weeks as he had back to back work booked. He did come up with a great solution and one that I would not have thought of.

He had a Local Handyman that he had used himself for repairs on his own house and he had even asked him to do a patch and paint job that he had not got around to. You know how it is – A tradesman never gets around to fixing or finishing the jobs around their own homes.

My entire hallway wall would need to be painted after the hole was repaired with the new piece of plasterboard. I was also glad that I could pay a tradesman to clean it up to. Repairing plaster was messy and the sanding needed could be time-consuming…Plus the painting needed afterward.

Handyman Near Me

I called Handyman Bayside and sure enough, he was able to fit me in the following day to come and take a look and start the work and have it all patched and freshly painted within 3 days.

The wall needed at least 24 hours to dry and cure and get a light finishing sand before he could paint the patched wall.

In the end, I got him to paint the entire hallway. There were some bumps and scuff marks that were so obvious once one wall had been painted.

And what happened to the 3 culprits who put the hole in the wall? They all had to chip in and pay for the entire repair job.

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