The Pros and Cons of Concrete Floors

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If you are reading this article that means you are debating whether or not to install concrete floors in your home.

There are many different types of flooring options out there for you. Just to name a few; hardwood floors, tiled flooring, laminate flooring, carpeting, porcelain tile, bamboo, cork flooring, install flooring among many others.

With the above-listed options, what then makes concrete a stand-out or a turndown? In this article, we are going to look at the price of concrete floors and the negatives of installing concrete floors.

The pros of concrete floors

1.   Cheap

Comparing concrete flooring to other types of flooring is way cheaper.

On average it cost about$3 to $6 per square foot to install concrete flooring. On the other hand, it cost about $6 to $12 per square foot to install hardwood flooring.

This major price difference makes concrete the better option.

2.   Easy to clean and maintain

Another advantage of having concrete floors is that it is easy to clean and maintain them.

You can dust mop the floor using a microfiber or the floor with clean water and a clean mop.

3.   Has a range of Interior design options

Everyone wants their home to have good flooring that coordinates with their interior design floor.

There are a lot of concrete finishing options to choose from. To mention a few; metallic and standard epoxy, fast stain, water-based stain, acrylic sealer, Terrazzo or granite epoxy, among others.

The truth of how you want your concrete finishing to look is up to you and your construction team.

4.   Easy to install

Laying down concrete it’s fairly easy if you are working with a construction company that is good at what it does. It can take a lesser time to install and dry up.

The cons of concrete floors

1.   Prone to cracks

Can easily be damaged by moisture. Sometimes poorly laid down concrete floors may pose a moisture issue causing cracks.

As a result, the humidity will cause the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. Moisture will also weaken the floor hence reducing its durability.

The good thing is that you can find home insurance policies that cover water damage and other types of Damages to your home property.

If you don’t already have one I suggest you and read reviews related to different home insurance companies.

Find a reputable home insurance company whose policy extends to home damages and at a valuable premium. After all, we are all after the good value for our money.

2.   Cold

Concrete flooring is not particularly the warmest and therefore it is not suitable for winter.

It gets cold quickly and cannot retain warmth. However, there are a variety of options to warm your concrete floors.

You can have insulating things installed before laying down the floor. Carpets and area rugs are also a good option to warm cold concrete floors.

3.   Eco-unfriendly

The production of cement makes it one of the most environmentally unfriendly … Read More...

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Adorning Tips For Houses With Hardwood Floors

room design
Within the hospitality trade, inside design performs an analogous function. Nevertheless, you possibly can choose any colour that you really want, supplied that it matches properly with distressed or whitewashed furniture. Their flames will add to the d├ęcor and really feel of heat within the room. When contemplating affordable living room adorning it is necessary to take a look at this trend, and embrace it whereas going for the originals.

The fundamental rule is that bedrooms have to be shiny in the morning and atmospheric at evening. three. In an effort to contrast the dark furnishings you’ve got in your bedroom you should use very stark colours. As to where to position it, most select the obvious and put the headboard up in opposition to a wall, but just a little lateral thinking may unencumber priceless wall house.

You’ll be able to either proceed the same tones all through the room, or use the walls as a canvas towards which to set a richer collection of colours. Alternatively finish tables are solely used as fillers to occupy the small corners on the “end” of couch items where living room ends.

To drag collectively your Safari decorating theme, try adding Jungle prints in large sizes. When adorning your teen’s bedroom embody an area for them to study. When you at all times believed that you just had to paint your spacially challenged rooms white, then right here is some colourful news for you.

Japanese Bedroom Design

room design
Whether you might be working with current furnishings and fabrics or “ranging from scratch” with an empty room, it’s best to all the time use the weather and ideas of design as a guide in choosing every little thing. You may paint the room to seem like a spaceship by carefully selecting the colours. The rationale why some many bedrooms are embellished now in the modern type is folks enjoy the simplicity of the design. 1. Make A Distinctive Comforter: Making a singular comforter or mattress cover with iron on transfers is a fun manner to add style to your room.

By considering this in your reasonably priced living room adorning plan, you can be routinely fascinated with an precise design, what most people neglect to do when they shop for inexpensive furniture. When a small room has giant items of furnishings which might be juxtaposition with not even one inch of extra area, your teen will feel uncomfortable and cramped within the room.
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Give your Safari decorating theme that finished look, you could have some great ornamental equipment. Generally grownup bedroom themes to be more basic or summary somewhat than particularly based round a sure theme. Or why not go for a stable colour theme to the room and use other colors in small quantities which will enhance the overall design of the room.

Give Your Household Room Coastal Cottage Model

room design
Coastal cottage decor is chic and luxury all … Read More...

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Decorating Tips For Homes With Hardwood Floors

room design
The thought of getting a themed bedroom which incorporates matching furniture, partitions, linen and so forth shouldn’t simply be restricted to a baby’s bed room but it will also be carried out to an adult room as effectively. You possibly can paint the room to appear to be a spaceship by rigorously choosing the colours. The explanation why some many bedrooms are adorned now within the fashionable type is folks benefit from the simplicity of the design. 1. Make A Unique Comforter: Making a novel comforter or mattress cover with iron on transfers is a enjoyable approach to add type to your room.

Your bedroom is one room in which you’ll be able to give your personality full rein, so don’t be afraid to try out a scheme that could be a bit a lot in the living room. Use a light-weight-coloured paint, or when you can safe lovely French wallpaper designs, you may also use the identical.

It is important to remember that you should rigorously plan any design in your trendy bed room look and that there isn’t a room for added clutter and it’s important that you add the least amount to your room to be able to make the largest affect and hopefully the ideas above will show you how to in reaching this.

As fitted bedroom furnishings goes from the ground to the ceiling, there are not any gaps. For this design type the colors can make or break the look – contemplate adding shades of browns and black or a pointy black and white look to the room. Golds, browns, tans and olive greens are dark rich colors that you need to use for a den or a family room.

Japanese Bed room Design

room design
Coastal cottage decor is chic and luxury all rolled into one. You must add them to each room to offer the home a extremely comforting feeling. Lighting and colour palette go hand in hand in the case of hospitality inside design. In case you need a decorating fashion that appears nice plus enhances your life, consider employing the ideas of Feng Shui when decorating your attic room.

The plan is to have a monochromatic scheme for most parts of the room, and throw in one other color or two with the accessories. Portray the wall reverse the entrance a deep hue will cause it to really feel further away, thus including depth to the room.
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When adorning a teen boy’s bed room the decor you determine upon will rely upon the teenager in query. If you have hardwoods in the whole house together with the bed room, you may want to think about both a rug to cowl the middle of the floor and either side of the bed, or just some runner type rugs along the edges and on the foot of the mattress.

Give Your Family Room Coastal Cottage Model

room design
Whereas generalizing is one thing that …

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