How to Give Your Master Bedroom a Luxury Makeover

To most homeowners, bedrooms aren’t the place you want to add a little extra luxury to as it’s a place that doesn’t host guests. However, it is a place you go to relax and should love every room in your home. So, if you’re looking to add a little more luxury to your bedroom, here’s a look at how you can do this without breaking the bank.


The main piece of furniture you look at in a bedroom is well, the bed! And buying a bed frame that matches your idea for the room is the key for a luxe finish. Consider designer furniture brands on sale, but mainly just make sure the colour or style matches what you have planned for the rest of the room. If you looking for a standout bed frame look for something that has a novel design at the foot of the bed too.


Aside from the bedframe, there are plenty of pieces of furniture you can add to add a little extra luxury. A quirky ottoman, small designer sofa or armchair or bedside table can be bought to draw the eye toward while bedside tables often look much better when they match the essentials such as the bedframe, wardrobe and drawers, your chair and/pr ottoman can have a bit of its own flair to stand out and make a statement, think warm styles such as a dark velvet to make the room look even more inviting.


If you’re fairly happy with the furniture in the room but you’re still wanting to add a little extra, accessories come in all shapes and sizes to give you the perfect bedroom. Ornaments, candles, lamps and soft furnishings are all popular choices for the bedroom. Another idea is to fill up those bare walls with art or mirrors. Mirrors are a great choice for smaller master bedrooms if you want to give off the illusion of a bigger space.

Lighting Touching on lamps before, the lighting in the room is another essential for a bedroom you’ll love, low warm lighting that is more decorative than practical is a great idea. Large extravagant lighting styles are perfect for the main light source in the room and definitely add luxury to the space as it adds another dimension to the bedroom.… Read More...

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