Tips for Choosing Hospital Curtains

Discussing about hospital curtains, let’s first discuss the hospital. The hospital is a temporary home for inpatients and patients who require 24-hour special care. The large number of people with all their activities as well as the families of patients who visit the hospital is called a nest of germs or bacteria.

There are so many hospital interiors that are often contaminated by many people but are very rarely noticed, such as curtains or blinds. The use of gorden rumah sakit or curtains in the hospital is very important.

The main function of curtains apart from being a space divider between one patient and another is that they function to keep bacteria from reproducing.

Even though they have the same shape, the curtains for the hospital are made from a different material than the common home curtains. Curtains for hospitals are made of soft, slippery materials, and the most important thing is curtains with anti-bacterial, anti-stain, and anti-blood specifications.

Because the curtain has anti-bacterial specifications so that it has its main function, which is to resist anti-bacteria from reproducing. For those of you who want to choose and buy hospital curtains, it’s good to pay attention to the steps below:

  1. Make sure the curtains are hospital accredited
  2. Make sure the curtains have anti-bacterial, anti-stain, anti-blood specifications
  3. Don’t forget to also make sure the curtain rails are very sturdy and strong so they can be used for a long time

Tips for Choosing the Best Semi-PVC Anti-Bacterial Hospital Curtain

There are so many choices of the highest quality tirai rumah sakit. The following are some of the curtains for hospitals that are often used in medical services in general, namely:

  • Polyester curtain fabric
  • Semi PVC curtain fabric
  • Full PVC curtain fabric
  • Non woven curtain fabric material
  • Blackout curtain fabric

The hospital curtain fabrics should have accreditation in accordance with the standards of the hospital and the curtain fabric has specifications, including:

  • Anti Bacterial
  • Anti Stain
  • Anti Blood

Curtain fabrics that have anti-bacterial specifications are generally often used in patient wards. Meanwhile, curtain fabrics that have anti-stain and anti-blood specifications are generally often used in rooms that are often contaminated with blood, such as operating rooms, delivery rooms, and emergency rooms or emergency rooms.